Rayon Burnout Satin


Content 100% Silk
Composition Natural
Width 45"
Weight (GSM) 10MM
Origin Imported

Burnout printed silk georgette/chiffon is 100% pure silk fabric and is 45" wide. Burnout printed silk georgette / chiffon fabric is very similar to georgette /chiffon in both drape and feel, but tends to be slightly heavier. This fabric is excellent to use as overlays, sheer inserts, scarves and drape extensions. A process of removing fiber is known as the burn out style. Silk satin burnout with floral. Burnout, also known as devoré, is a fabric technique particularly used on velvets, where a mixed-fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibers to create a semi-transparent pattern against more solidly woven fabric.

Dry cleaning is recommended for all silks. Hand Wash Cold Water